Bug #25972

Can't sync discovered containers without slash in name from registry

Added by Partha Aji over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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When using repo discovery to pull containers from registry, containers from main namespace (without slash in name) will fail to sync afterwards.

The problem is that while repo discovery works against ``, containers must be properly namespaced to be pulled from it. So instead of `alpine`, `library/alpine` must be pulled.

It seems that `library` is implicit when pulling images from ``, so just `alpine` will work; but repo discovery doesn't work against that host, which means manual creation of repositories.

While this might be problem on side, they are the biggest provider of images out there, so we might want to adjust to them nevertheless.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Content -> Products -> Repo discovery -> Type: Container images
2. Registry: -> Registry Search Parameter: alpine
3. Select `alpine` and `alpine/git` -> Create Selected -> Run repository creation
4. Navigate to product page, sync both repositories

Actual results:
Syncing `alpine` repository fails; syncing `alpine/git` succeeds.
To make alpine sync, go to details page and do either of following:
- change Registry URL to ``
- change Upstream Repository Name to `library/alpine`

Expected results:
Syncing both succeeds.

Associated revisions

Revision c490d55e (diff)
Added by Partha Aji over 3 years ago

Fixes #25972 - Better Docker Repo Discovery UI (#7957)

This commit tweaks the existing docker repo discovery workflow by
allowing the user to search from one of
1) Docker Hub
2) RH Registry
4) Custom - Private Registries

When the user chooses Docker Hub, the javascript knows that it has to
search in while create the repo using

Basic issue that this commit resolves is that "docker search foo"
searches for foo in, but "docker pull foo" pulls it from This causes issues when creating repos from
Discovery. This commit tries handle that situation with a better

Revision 1625f449 (diff)
Added by Mirek Długosz over 3 years ago

Refs #25972 - default value and class for Registry to Discover

c490d55ed1012aac08e10dacc4e581d19125fbea introduced new <select>
'Registry to Discover'. There are two issues with it:

1. It uses default browser styling, making it stand out from other
elements on form.

2. It has no default value set. Empty string is used automatically
instead. As result, when user clicks it for the first time, there are 5
items available. After picking one, all subsequent click will display
only 4 items.

This commit fixes both of these issues.

Revision 38587f48 (diff)
Added by Mirek Długosz over 3 years ago

Refs #25972 - use

Red Hat maintains three container registries:, and The plan is to eventually decommission

Use as default. can still
be used by selecting Custom and providing url manually.


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