Bug #28133

Creating an image in CR scoped with taxonomies throws error 'undefined method `images' for #<Location:0x00007f752b274e88>'

Added by Jitendra Yejare over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

Compute resources
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Creating an image in taxonomies throws an error : but works without taxonomies.

How Reproducible:

1. Attempt to create an image in GCE Compute Resource scoped with some taxonomies.

  1. hammer compute-resource image create --compute-resource-id 1 --name testimg --user-data false --uuid 4654324179607992309 --username gcehost --organization-id 1 --location-id 2 --architecture-id 1

Actual Behavior:
The image creation fails with an error 'undefined method `images' for #<Location:0x00007f752b274e88>. More deatils in Pastebin mentioned in description of this bug.

Expected Behavior:
1. An image cannot be scoped to taxonomies as they are scoped with Compute Resource so better if we can remove the taxonomies option from image creation.


#1 Updated by Oleh Fedorenko over 2 years ago

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  • Subject changed from Creating an image in GCE CR scoped with taxonomies throws error 'undefined method `images' for #<Location:0x00007f752b274e88>' to Creating an image in CR scoped with taxonomies throws error 'undefined method `images' for #<Location:0x00007f752b274e88>'
  • Project changed from Hammer CLI to Foreman

Moving from hammer to API since it's common issue for all CRs even when creating directly via API calls.

I've tried the same, but with curl:

curl -H "Accept:application/json,version=2" -H "Content-Type:application/json" -u admin:changeme -X POST -d "{\"location_id\":2,\"organization_id\":1,\"image\": {\"name\": \"testimg\", \"uuid\":\"4654324179607992309\", \"username\":\"gcehost\",\"user_data\": false }}" -k

#2 Updated by Kavita Gaikwad over 2 years ago


Hammer shows taxonomy options i.e --organization-id & --location-id while creating an image.

There are no parameter options i.e {organization/location}_id mentioned under POST API /api/compute_resources/:compute_resource_id/images.

By seeing at the Foreman core side, image resource is non-taxable whereas compute-resource is taxable resource.
From Web UI, any user can access images through Compute resource.
As compute-resource is taxable, on taxonomy selection it hides/shows CR records so user can perform actions on images only when they can select compute resource.

I think, both sides (Hammer + Foreman core) needs to be handled properly.

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