Bug #30509

test failures after bindings updates

Added by Justin Sherrill 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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NameError: uninitialized constant Pulp2to3MigrationClient::Pulp2contentApi
    /home/jenkins/workspace/katello-pr-test/app/services/katello/pulp3/migration.rb:38:in `pulp2_content_api'
    /home/jenkins/workspace/katello-pr-test/app/services/katello/pulp3/migration.rb:130:in `block in import_content_type'
    /home/jenkins/workspace/katello-pr-test/app/services/katello/pulp3/migration.rb:129:in `import_content_type'
    /home/jenkins/workspace/katello-pr-test/app/services/katello/pulp3/migration.rb:60:in `block (2 levels) in import_pulp3_content'
    /home/jenkins/workspace/katello-pr-test/app/services/katello/pulp3/migration.rb:59:in `each'
    /home/jenkins/workspace/katello-pr-test/app/services/katello/pulp3/migration.rb:59:in `block in import_pulp3_content'
    /home/jenkins/workspace/katello-pr-test/app/services/katello/pulp3/migration.rb:58:in `each'
    /home/jenkins/workspace/katello-pr-test/app/services/katello/pulp3/migration.rb:58:in `import_pulp3_content'
    /home/jenkins/workspace/katello-pr-test/test/services/katello/pulp3/migration_test.rb:53:in `test_file_migration'
    /home/jenkins/workspace/katello-pr-test/test/support/vcr.rb:25:in `block in run'
    /home/jenkins/workspace/katello-pr-test/test/support/vcr.rb:24:in `run' (NameError)

ForemanTasks::TaskError: Task f9da1ac4-9a73-4f1e-9cb2-d18ef46ad74e: VCR::Errors::UnhandledHTTPRequestError: ...
ForemanTasks::TaskError: Task f9da1ac4-9a73-4f1e-9cb2-d18ef46ad74e: VCR::Errors::UnhandledHTTPRequestError: 
An HTTP request has been made that VCR does not know how to handle:
VCR is currently using the following cassette:
  - /home/jenkins/workspace/katello-pr-test/test/fixtures/vcr_cassettes/actions/pulp3/ansible_collection_sync/sync.yml
    - :record => :none
    - :match_requests_on => [:method, :path, :params, :body_json]
Under the current configuration VCR can not find a suitable HTTP interaction
to replay and is prevented from recording new requests. There are a few ways
you can deal with this:
  * If you're surprised VCR is raising this error
    and want insight about how VCR attempted to handle the request,
    you can use the debug_logger configuration option to log more details [1].
  * You can use the :new_episodes record mode to allow VCR to
    record this new request to the existing cassette [2].
  * If you want VCR to ignore this request (and others like it), you can
    set an `ignore_request` callback [3].
  * The current record mode (:none) does not allow requests to be recorded. You
    can temporarily change the record mode to :once, delete the cassette file 
    and re-run your tests to allow the cassette to be recorded with this request [4].
  * The cassette contains 14 HTTP interactions that have not been
    played back. If your request is non-deterministic, you may need to
    change your :match_requests_on cassette option to be more lenient
    or use a custom request matcher to allow it to match [5].
    foreman-tasks (2.0.2) lib/foreman_tasks.rb:59:in `block in sync_task'
    foreman-tasks (2.0.2) lib/foreman_tasks.rb:58:in `tap'
    foreman-tasks (2.0.2) lib/foreman_tasks.rb:58:in `sync_task'
    /home/jenkins/workspace/katello-pr-test/test/support/pulp3_support.rb:58:in `create_repo'
    /home/jenkins/workspace/katello-pr-test/test/actions/pulp3/orchestration/ansible_collection_sync_test.rb:10:in `setup'
    /home/jenkins/workspace/katello-pr-test/test/support/vcr.rb:25:in `block in run'
    /home/jenkins/workspace/katello-pr-test/test/support/vcr.rb:24:in `run' (ForemanTasks::TaskError)

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Revision b8e72f0d (diff)
Added by Justin Sherrill 3 months ago

Fixes #30509 - test fixes for new bindings


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