Bug #33358

RPM include filter includes extraneous packages from package groups having only type="default" packagereqs

Added by Laura Hild over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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At time of writing, with these are mainframe-access, networkmanager-submodules, internet-browser, and platform-microsoft, and with, milkymist.

Create a Content View, add EPEL7, add an include filter for some RPMs, publish and expect to get just those RPMs, but end up with the packages in @milkymist also.

What I believe to be happening: Katello includes package groups for which it determines the requirements are satisfied by the packages selected (filter_package_groups_by_pulp_href in app/lib/katello/util/pulpcore_content_filters.rb). The method which lists the requirements (package_names in app/models/katello/package_group.rb) produces it by combining the results of {default,optional,conditional,mandatory}_package_names in app/services/katello/pulp3/package_group.rb, whose mapping of the numeric identifiers is off by one because C numbers enums from 0. So package_names does not include type="default" packagereqs, and when a package group contains only type="default" packagereqs, package_names returns empty, is trivially satisfied, and the package group is included in the list of content to be copied by Pulp. Pulp, however, then recognizes that there are unsatisfied packagereqs and includes them.

Patch forthcoming.

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Revision 0d48c3ae (diff)
Added by Laura Hild over 1 year ago

Fixes #33358 - packagereq types off by 1


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