Bug #33657

Job hangs when password prompt is in foreign language

Added by Dirk Götz 9 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

Smart Proxy - SSH
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I have setup a debian system using language de as it was required by the installer to select the correct timezone.

For REX I set the SSH user to an unprivileged one and to use su to switch to root as the effective user using a password.

When I executed a job it does not finish and as progress I could only see the password prompt "Passwort:" (in German we use a t instead of d at the end!). So I changed the language setting of the user in its .bashrc via LANG=C which only worked for my manual testing but not for REX. After changing the system to C, the job executed successfully.

So I think REX is expecting the password prompt to be "Password:", but is not ensuring this by using a matching language. I hope this is simple to fix as it very likely affects also other languages.


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Sudo asks for password, we don't notice it and things get stuck. Not sure if we can get target system's locale, translate password to a string in that locale and then be checking for it.

I could imagine we would store the environment, force locale to be english and then source the original locale (or unset the one we forced) as the new user. Any other idea what we could do apart from being lazy and checking for "passwor"?

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