Bug #35121

Pulp digestvalidationerror when syncing Foreman repo

Added by Adam Winberg about 1 month ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Since about two weeks back we get the following error message from Pulp when trying to sync from

A file located at the url failed validation due to checksum.

This happens for multiple packages in the repo and ultimately the repo sync fails.
This has happened before with the foreman repos (foreman and foreman-plugins), last time was in April and before that in November. Since it doesnt happen for any of the other ~50 repos we sync I believe this might be some metadata issue, maybe the repo needs to be reindexed?


#1 Updated by Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden about 1 month ago

This could be related to the switch where latest became Foreman 3.3 and the CDN didn't properly purge everything in its caches.

If you're syncing I'd advise to always sync from a specific version rather than latest.

#2 Updated by Adam Winberg about 1 month ago

ok, switching to a specific version url works. It's a bit of a hassle though since we use our own local repo created in pulp to 'freeze' the foreman version - when we want to upgrade we just clone the external 'latest' repo over to our local repo. Locking the external repo on a specific version means we have to edit the url in Pulp every time we want to update, which is an extra step.

The workaround is fine, just saying that it would be nice to be able to rely on the 'latest' repo.

Thank you!

#3 Updated by Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden about 1 month ago

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I opened with a bit more detail. It's closer to where we need to fix it. Thanks for the report and if you wish to stay up to date, please follow that issue.

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