Bug #35247

[RFE] Allow to export Docker images from content views or as repository as part ISS

Added by Partha Aji 4 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

Inter Server Sync
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Docker images can not be exported from satellite either as repository or as part of CV to be used in disconnected satellite.

How reproducible:

1. Create a custom product & create repository of docker type.
2. Sync the repository.
No export/import option available

Any of these should work

hammer content-export complete repository --id= ..

hammer content-export complete version --id= ..

hammer content-export complete library --id= ..

Same with incrementals

hammer content-export incremental repository --id= ..

hammer content-export incremental version --id= ..

hammer content-export incremental library --id= ..

Same with imports

hammer content-import repository --organization-id= ..

hammer content-import version --organization-id= ..

hammer content-import library --organization-id= ..

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Revision 877546b3 (diff)
Added by Partha Aji 3 months ago

Fixes #35247 - Can Import/Export docker content (#10204)


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