Bug #6288

Removing a lifecycle environment from a capsule does not cause repos to be removed from

Added by Justin Sherrill almost 6 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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Right now if you:

Create a capsule
Associate it with a lifecycle environment (one that has content)
Sync the capsule
Unassociate it with the lifecycle environment

You would expect all content on the capsule to be removed immediately, instead you have to manually 'sync' the capsule again.


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#2 Updated by Justin Sherrill almost 6 years ago

jsherrill | hey, quick question
jsherrill | ::Actions::Katello::CapsuleContent::RemoveLifecycleEnvironment
jsherrill | that won't actually cause a 'sync' to remove the repos on the node right?
inecas | go for it!
inecas | nope
jsherrill | is that something we should add?
inecas | ::Actions::Katello::CapsuleContent::UpdateWithoutContent needs to be called
jsherrill | ah nice
inecas | the reason is for the content view: you might remove more repositories, but you want to sync only once at the end
jsherrill | should i make that a 2nd task, since RemoveLifecycleEnvironment is typically a syncronous request
inecas | what do you mean by 2nd task?
jsherrill | should i spawn off another task
jsherrill | to run UpdateWithoutContent
jsherrill | as it may take a while?
inecas | another option is making the remote-environment async
jsherrill | ah, always
jsherrill | yeah
inecas | would probably work better for me
jsherrill | k
jsherrill | thx inecas !
inecas | np

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