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Link between Templates and corresponding Host

Added by Arnaud Sourioux over 11 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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I saw a strange thing yesterday,
i had a parsing error on one of my preseed template
(when i clicked on build it shows me a message error about parsing my preseed file)
and i choosed to select another template for the preseed (in the corresponding OS),
but the error didn't go away,
so i choosed to unselect all the templates for this Operating System
but the error message was still there


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can you please provide more information? such as the actual error, and the template used?

#2 Updated by Arnaud Sourioux over 11 years ago

The error is that when i have a parsing error on my PXELinux template,
if I remove the template from the Operating System properties, or if I change it,
the parsing error will be again there when i will try to build again the host,
if i do the good correction on the PXELinux template and that it isn't set anymore in the Hostgroup,
i will have the error message again but the PXELinux file will be generated.

#3 Updated by Benjamin Papillon about 10 years ago

Can you repeat the problem with foreman 0.4.2 or 1.0(rc)?
What is the exact message to grep easily in the code?

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Due to lack of update we are closing this bug.
Please, reopen it if you still have the problem with newer builds.

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