Bug #29569

Updated by Ondřej Ezr 9 months ago

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*Steps to Reproduce:*
1. Create a new role named 'test'.
2. Assign the following filters from 'Bookmark' resource type to the role:
- create_bookmarks
- edit_bookmarks
- view_bookmarks
3. Uncheck the 'Unlimited' checkbox and put 'name = running' into the 'Search' field.
4. Create a user 'user1' and assign him the 'test' role.
5. Log-in to the Satellite WebUI as 'user1'.
6. Go to 'Administer --> Bookmarks'.

*Actual results:*
- User 'user1' can see all bookmarks.

*Expected results:*
- User 'user1' should see only bookmark(s) named 'running'.

*Additional info:*

- This works fine with other resource types such as 'Hosts'.

Please let me know if you require any additional information.

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