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07:10 PM Hammer CLI Bug #1651 (Rejected): foremancli fails on fact_values queries


02:26 PM Foreman Bug #1589: Cannot create VMs on vSphere (4.0) cluster
Upon switching my foreman install to development mode, this is the logged error when attempting to list VMs:...


03:29 PM Foreman Bug #1589: Cannot create VMs on vSphere (4.0) cluster
I'm seeing Problem 2 on vSphere 5, as well. Will update with a full trace next week.


04:47 PM Foreman Bug #1351: New smart variable and match cannot be entered at same time.
I'm hitting this at the nightly release I installed last tuesday, as well. Threw me for quite the loop, as they show ...


04:18 PM Foreman Wiki edit: Force_SSL (#2)


03:14 PM Foreman Bug #1296 (Duplicate): Parsing puppet classes fails in certain cases
I use many parameterized classes, but tend to set default values so that the classes can be used in a non-parameteriz...

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