Gerald Vogt




07:04 AM Katello Feature #30223 (New): Lifecyle based composite content views
Currently, composite content views are version based. They pick up the latest version or the version pinned from the ...


09:57 AM Katello Feature #30141 (New): More comfortable package update/removal of multiple content hosts
Some more information is "here":


04:17 AM Katello Bug #29979: Synchronize repository task hanging
Tonight it happened again during the hourly sync plan. The four hour sync plan was not running at that time. Thus, it...


02:48 PM Packaging Bug #30115 (New): tracer 0.7.3-2 available in EPEL
EPEL 7 and EPEL 8 contain a newer version 0.7.3-2 of tracer-common and python2-tracer then is currently in the forema...


09:51 AM Smart Proxy Bug #30106 (New): Content Proxy Log Error regarding mongodb
On the Smart Proxies - Log there is an occasional warning message:...


07:20 AM Katello Bug #30083 (New): Applicability for obsoleting package
It seems applicability/updateable packages are not recognized if it is obsoleting another package. One of the latest ...


04:41 AM Katello Bug #29979: Synchronize repository task hanging
O.K. Tonight it happened again. The sync task for CentOS 8 PowerTools is hanging for a couple of hours now.
As req...


07:12 AM Katello Bug #29979 (Closed): Synchronize repository task hanging
It's happening after a day or two that during a sync plan run one or more repository sync tasks are hanging and never...


06:14 PM Katello Bug #23153 (Duplicate): Installer sets listening address of qpid_router_agent to IPv4
I have noticed on a new installation of foreman/katello on CentOS 7 that connections to the qpid-router on port 5647 ...

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