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02:41 PM Foreman Bug #26788: Unable to upgrade from 1.21.1 to 1.22.x and to 1.23.X with foreman-remote-execution installed
I ran into this problem too trying to update Foreman 1.21.3 to 1.22.x. Even though I don't have remote execution inst... Nicolas Odermatt


01:53 PM Website Revision f6bdeba4 (theforemanorg): Update docker plugin setup instructions
* Replace instruction to modify `/etc/sysconfig/docker` file to enable
docker API with description on how to create d...
Nicolas Odermatt


02:44 PM Docker Bug #22560: Error while creating centos container on docker compute resource
I know this is an old issue, nevertheless I wanted to give some input.
The creation seemed to work fine on Foreman 1...
Nicolas Odermatt
02:27 PM Docker Bug #26015: Docker plugin installation outdated
Added link to pull request Nicolas Odermatt
02:22 PM Docker Bug #26015 (New): Docker plugin installation outdated
Some aspects of the docker plugin installation page are outdated.
I documented my encounter on this foreman commun...
Nicolas Odermatt
08:26 AM Docker Bug #22532: Test connection on docker compute resource shows ReferenceError: testConnection is not defined
Confirmed in Foreman (1.19.1) with docker plugin (4.1.0)
Unless the console is open the user is not informed about...
Nicolas Odermatt


12:38 PM Salt Bug #24524 (New): Auto-host creation without
Creation of hosts in foreman via upload reports doesn't work without master_tops and external pillar configuration.
Nicolas Odermatt

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