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04:22 AM Foreman Bug #10915 (Closed): Delete host doesn't remove host specific overrides
If we set a puppet override specific to that host, when deleting the host it doesn't remove the param from the puppet... Andrew Lau


04:26 AM Foreman Feature #10131: Add extra configurable options to ec2
Oh, couldn't find that filter section when I went through the projects section. These features have already been repo... Andrew Lau


11:17 PM Foreman Bug #10150 (New): 1.8 RC3 deploy new host on openstack fails
Deploying new hosts with foreman 1.8 RC3 fails with error undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass. 1.7.2 works without... Andrew Lau


06:29 AM Foreman Feature #10131 (Duplicate): Add extra configurable options to ec2
It would be nice to have a better set of configurable options available for the ec2 compute resource such as dynamic ... Andrew Lau
03:58 AM Foreman Feature #10130 (Closed): OpenStack Availability Zones should be available
OpenStack availability zones seem to be available through fog, but not integrated into foreman. It would be nice to b... Andrew Lau
03:53 AM Packaging Bug #10129: Error getting AWS flavours
We tracked this down to,
foreman-ec2 does not install ruby193-rubygem-fog which is provided by foreman-compute and t...
Andrew Lau
02:27 AM Packaging Bug #10129: Error getting AWS flavours
This error happens when selecting the ec2 compute resource in the "Deploy On" section in New Host tab, making the Vir... Andrew Lau
12:38 AM Packaging Bug #10129 (Closed): Error getting AWS flavours
Error getting AWS "flavours" in Foreman 1.8 RC3 error:
2015-04-14 14:36:28 [W] Operation FAILED: undefined method ...
Andrew Lau


07:07 AM Katello Bug #10113: Removing a content view, nothing happens if a content host is using the view
This also happens when a content view is associated with a hostgroup. It will say it was removing, but in the logs, t... Andrew Lau


08:07 AM Katello Bug #10023: qpid-dispatch isn't deployed with katello 2.2
Haven't seen it recently after fresh RC3 deploy.
It would just appear in the logs, and I was testing on katello se...
Andrew Lau

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