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01:55 PM Katello Bug #20335 (Closed): User guide's glossary is not available
The user guide's glossary is not available, the linked URL is [1] but it raises a 404 when accessing it.
[1] https...


11:15 AM Foreman Bug #13442: foreman-debug script should return a meaningful exit code
I can't update the version on the issue, but I have foreman-debug- installed here. Also the f...
10:40 AM Foreman Bug #13442 (Closed): foreman-debug script should return a meaningful exit code
foreman-debug script returns non-zero return code even if it completes successfully, which makes hard to automate/scr...


12:25 PM Katello Bug #11070 (Closed): Fix confine Katello 2.3 to Foreman 1.9 and above
The fix for #10987 is actually confining Katello 2.3 to Foreman > 1.9 on lib/katello/plugin.rb. The gem spec is OK.


03:30 PM Katello Bug #9875 (Resolved): Better docker service restart and checking when installing the certificate RPM
Should be checked for systemd based systems when trying to restart docker. Also should be checked if docker is instal...


04:23 PM Foreman Bug #8861 (Closed): Lengthy organization or localtion names breaks UI
I've attached two screen shots that show how the UI behave when a lengthy organization or location name is created. O...


04:29 PM Katello Bug #7845 (Closed): Unable to delete a custom product
When trying to delete a just created custom product the tooltip is given "You cannot remove this product because it w...


09:39 AM Katello Bug #7813: Four of the activation-key commands accept only activation-key id missing activation key name, organization, organization-id, organization-label arguments
I'm facing the below issue when trying to add a subscription to an activation key, and as per IRC this should be rela...


04:31 PM Katello Bug #7461: Can't add puppet modules to a content view
Automation had another issue related to adding a puppet module which is the lookup by name. I have tried using the uu...


09:05 AM Hammer CLI Bug #6665 (Closed): Hammer ping fail when run via ssh and no user and password is provided
When running hammer ping via ssh it is able to run and return a non-zero return code because pulp_auth and doesn't sh...

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