Jason Lang




03:01 PM Foreman Feature #26053 (New): Audit records deletion batch support
When the audits record deletion expires it also cleans up the taxonomies table. Neither of these deletes are “batched...


01:11 AM Foreman Bug #25663 (New): Foreman Search "list" syntax with Params does not work
When using a "list" (^) to search foreman. Correct syntax is something along the lines of:
name ^ (, hos...


08:20 PM Foreman Bug #23517 (New): Openstack Multi Tenant Project inconsistencies
When selecting an Openstack computer provider, and building within Foreman. The VM tab properly lists, and allows you...


01:18 AM Foreman Bug #22393: Foreman 1.12 to 1.13 - duplicate Operating Systems
I remember this issue from when we did our upgrade.
It comes down to the Major/Minor "version" syntax changing a b...


03:08 PM Foreman Bug #22011 (Closed): rake trends:counter throws ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid Error
This seemed to be working at one point - but recently im seeing this error whenever cron runs the rake task located i...


09:13 AM Foreman Bug #20324 (Resolved): BMC Smart Proxy SSL configuration/setup?
This is working as expected.
Cert issues in the logs were a red herring. Removing all trusted hosts does not mean ...


04:27 PM Foreman Bug #20324 (Resolved): BMC Smart Proxy SSL configuration/setup?
Im attempting to configure the bmc smart proxy plugin. Im to the point where its installed on my smart proxy, and tes...


02:59 PM Foreman Bug #20309 (Resolved): Large Audit Table very slow upgrade
Im currently upgrading from foreman 1.14 to 1.15. We admittedly have a larg(er) installation (10,000 managed servers)...


02:50 PM Foreman Feature #20263: foreman integration with GIT
Totally Jumping on this as i agree with this 100% even if i am not OP - have been meaning to submit this request for ...


07:28 PM OpenSCAP Bug #19142: Error: unknown attribute 'status' for Class.
Based on what Josh Pavel Said - I do think this is an issue with spaces. I also have spaces in my Proxy Server names ...

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