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02:33 PM Foreman Bug #27740: Cannot set parameter for hostgroup
I fixed it by running these SQL commands:... Jo Vandeginste
01:58 PM Foreman Bug #27740: Cannot set parameter for hostgroup
I have the same issue with hosts:... Jo Vandeginste


03:05 PM Foreman Revision 8b548a3c (community-templates): We need to access passed variables through `@`
Somehow this got missed ... Jo Vandeginste


06:43 AM Foreman Revision 82b97907 (community-templates): Use kernel-detected mac addresses instead of current configuration
Jo Vandeginste


07:58 PM Foreman Revision 9d26b5d3 (community-templates): kickstart ifcfg: Add DOMAIN (if it is specified)
This helps NetworkManager to configure the `search` inside
Jo Vandeginste


03:01 PM Foreman Bug #19969 (Closed): Asking vlanid from an interface does not consider the subnet6
Applied in changeset commit:d093bdb61f5c795eeba9f1b2f3bb3ff77d9d977d. Jo Vandeginste
02:06 PM Foreman Revision d093bdb6 (foreman): fixes #19969 - consider subnet6 when determining vlanid
You can have a network interface with an ipv6 subnet configured but
without an ipv4 subnet; in this case, the functio...
Jo Vandeginste


01:01 PM Foreman Feature #19977 (Closed): Fetch a value for a given parameter name (from a provisioning snippet) on a subnet
Applied in changeset commit:17e5ed6510879ed4d1c4208e151ee546bf154c34. Jo Vandeginste
12:06 PM Foreman Revision 17e5ed65 (foreman): fixes #19977 - Fetch a value for a given subnet parameter name
This code will add a function to lookup a subnet parameter by name,
and returns it's value. It will return `nil` if n...
Jo Vandeginste


02:30 PM Foreman Wiki edit: TemplateWriting (#104)
@host was wrong object, was interface Jo Vandeginste

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