Feature #12240

Support Host objects other than Host::Managed

Added by Stephen Benjamin almost 2 years ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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Implementations specific to signatures of Host::Managed should be broken out to a separate concern or gated by respond_to? (e.g. for the remote execution interface), so we're generic enough to be able to use remote execution on future objects like Host::Discovered.

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#1 Updated by Marek Hulán almost 2 years ago

  • Tracker changed from Bug to Feature

#2 Updated by Konstantin Orekhov over 1 year ago

Would love to use RemoteExec on discovered hosts for HW life-cycle management tasks - FW updates, RAID and/or BIOS config, etc.

#3 Updated by Konstantin Orekhov about 1 year ago

Any updates/plans to implement this?

#4 Updated by Ivan Necas about 1 year ago

  • Target version set to Team Ivan backlog

I'm putting it on our backlog, we will see how that competes with other tasks we need to do,
but based on the votes + relatively low amount of work, we should be able to find time
for this.

#5 Updated by Konstantin Orekhov about 1 year ago

Any updates on a fate of this feature, by any chance?

#6 Updated by Konstantin Orekhov 10 months ago

Anything new on this item, folks?

#7 Updated by Lukas Zapletal 8 months ago

In regard to discovered hosts, we also need to send public key via kernel command line to the host. This should be just a documentation item for now, unless you guys plan to integrate ssh keys somehow into this.

#8 Updated by Lukas Zapletal 8 months ago

  • Difficulty set to trivial

Should not be hard!

#9 Updated by Lukas Zapletal 8 months ago

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