Bug #17958

Importing manifest for wrong organization gives no feedback

Added by Daniel Lobato Garcia 9 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

Assigned To:Thomas McKay
Target version:Team Tom - backlog
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I tried to import a manifest for 8000 subscriptions which is 44MB big. The manifest is for an Red Hat organization lobaloba, but the organization in Katello is lobacorp. Hence, it will not work.
The browser keeps waiting for a response it will never get - http://imgur.com/a/PydSN - and the person uploading this gets no feedback at all about what's happening.
Normally a task is created during upload but in this case, there is no task at all.


display an alert and list in the manifest history an attempt to upload the manifest for the wrong organization


#1 Updated by Daniel Lobato Garcia 9 months ago

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#2 Updated by Thomas McKay 9 months ago

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There are several bugzillas for this one, iirc. I will find one to link.

#3 Updated by Thomas McKay 9 months ago

  • Target version changed from Team Tom - iteration 9 to Team Tom - backlog

#4 Updated by Justin Sherrill 9 months ago

I don't think this has anything to do with the organization names, but more to do with the size of the manifest. Currently importing a large manifest will time out. The name of the upstream manifest doesn't matter at all.

I think this is a dupe of http://projects.theforeman.org/issues/17027 (adding async manifest import)

#5 Updated by Justin Sherrill 9 months ago

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