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Show actual date and not time since report in Config Report

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Cloned from https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1435973

When checking last report in `/config_reports?search=eventful+%3D+true` the column "Last report" it only shows the time since this config run was execueted. If multiple runs are made in a given time it's very difficult to understand which one belongs to which run.
To figure out which run was made at which time, one needs to select the report to get this information. It would be therefore nice to report actual time/date of the `puppet` run instead of "ago". So having an option to set "Last Report" to "Reported at" which then would give time and date, would be appreciated.

When multiple runs are done in short or also when something is happening on a host it's difficult to quickly elect the right report in the UI. Having real time and date it's easier to understand when a `puppet` run happen and therefore find quickly the right report to check.
Having "Last Report" reporting the real time instead of the time that elaps since the last `puppet` run would ease that task and avoid lot's of unecessary clicking in the UI

We should either provide time/date in "Last Report" by default or provide a switch where the functionality can be enabled globally. Meanding for all kind of report that are showing this behavior.

"Last Report" should show "2017-03-22 07:19:37 UTC" or similar instead of "4 days ago"


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