Bug #20022

Add action to force remove metadata from a repo to fix sync problem

Added by Juan Pablo Lorier 9 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

Assigned To:Partha Aji
Target version:Team Brad - Backlog
Difficulty: Pull request:https://github.com/Katello/katello/pull/7187
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I had 2 repos failing to sync becuase of metadata corruption. With the help of the community I was able to force the removal of the metadata via pulp:

pulp-admin -u admin -p $pulpAdminPassword rpm repo content metafile --repo-id=XXXXX
pulp-admin -u admin -p $pulpAdminPassword rpm repo remove metafile --repo-id=XXXXX --str-eq="checksum=YYYY"

That fixed the problem. Maybe you can add the option in the advanced sync action either as a checkbox or as part of the "Validate Content Sync".

Associated revisions

Revision 13c3176a
Added by Partha Aji about 1 month ago

Fixes #20022 - Clear yummetadata on validate sync

Many users have hit issues with sync failing due to metadata corruption.
The sync with "Validate Contents" does things redownloading missing or
corrupt packages.
This commit ensures that the yum metadata is also redownloaded if this
option is set (more as a precautionary measure with this action)


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I hate to add a UI option to fix a bug in pulp that has not been identified, however I've seen many users hit this and it is very annoying to recover from. Will think about this for a bit.

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