Bug #11708

New status code broke discovery plugin API

Added by Lukas Zapletal over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

Discovery plugin
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I see no reason why to have all status-related methods in Host::Managed. This prevents plugins from using this in their owh STI sub-classes (e.g. discovery) and essentially breaks all API operations (patch is required:

Either move it to Host::Base or at least create a module that can be mixed into subclasses.

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Related to Foreman - Feature #10782: Add global status for hostsClosed2015-06-11

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Revision 3e16cea7 (diff)
Added by Lukas Zapletal over 7 years ago

Fixes #11708 - removed auto_provisioning RABL, improved unit tests


#1 Updated by Lukas Zapletal over 7 years ago

#2 Updated by Dominic Cleal over 7 years ago

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Regarding your suggested rabl patch, why is Foreman's own host rabl being used for Host::Discovered? It's specifically for Host::Managed, since it's for Foreman's HostsController and shouldn't be used for other things that aren't at least sub-classes.

You could move parts of the status API to base if it'd be useful I guess. Probably the HostStatus subclasses we already have would only be linked to Host::Managed though, and only global status would be on base?

#3 Updated by Dominic Cleal over 7 years ago

  • Assignee deleted (Marek Hulán) looks a bit strange to me given that the broken test (,label=fast,ruby=1.9.3/testReport/junit/%28root%29/Api__V2__DiscoveredHostsControllerTest/test_auto_provision_success/) calls the API to convert a Host::Discovered into a Host::Managed.

I think it's using the discovered host object from before it was converted to render the view, when it should be using the converted host after perform_auto_provision has been called in the controller. Try keeping hold of the host from that method (which will be Host::Managed), storing it in a controller instance variable and render the view using that instead.

The rest of the API looks correct, you're not using Host::Managed rabl views to render Host::Discovered generally as I suggested, so apologies - it's just that single action is passing in the wrong object to the Host::Managed view. It probably only passed tests before because rabl ignores errors for unknown attributes, but I don't think it would have been rendering the proper object.

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I'll move this over to Discovery as I think it should be fixed just in the API controller per my last comment.

If you're interested in having some status support on Host::Base then perhaps file another issue (including to say which bits of it are applicable), but I don't think it's necessary to fix the initial bug report.

#5 Updated by Marek Hulán over 7 years ago

I agree with Dominic.

#6 Updated by Lukas Zapletal over 7 years ago

I'd like to have DiscoveredStatus of course, it is interesting feature as we have several statuses currently. I will file another one then.

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