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per host authorization for making changes.

Added by Nigel Kersten over 13 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

Users, Roles and Permissions
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Another wide ranging feature request:

We have a large and distributed operational team, and we like to be able to let users manage their own servers.
However, we do not wish to allow users to manage their own desktops and laptops in terms of specifying additional classes etc.

Ideally we could have some kind of rule based authorization system that could make use of host fact values, that would allow us to do this sort of thing, written in pre-caffeine-pseudo-code.

if $admin_user is in LDAP group "foo" and $machine_type "desktop": allow administration

if $admin_user is in $machine_owners and $machine_type "server": allow administration

Even more ideally, users would have two views in Foreman, one to simply view all hosts, and the other to view all hosts that they had administrative rights over.

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In the process of porting the Redmine security implementation over to Foreman. Thanks, and respect, go to Eric Davis, Jean-Philippe Lang, and the rest of the team over on the Redmine project.

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I think this has been resolved long ago.. closing

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