Bug #16996

eager_load in PuppetclassesController makes Classes view unusable

Added by Martin Schurz over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Found in release:1.13.0 Pull request:https://github.com/theforeman/foreman/pull/3951
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at first I have to say this bug might only appear when you have many environments and hostgroups. What we have, is around 1400 Classes, 70 Environments and 600 Hostgroups.

In our installation it is not possible to open the Classes view, because the ruby process will eat all the memory and then crash the server. We were able to track this down to the controller, which eager loads all the depending elements. In our case this results in a 800k rows resultset. When this is converted to ActiveRecord objects it takes a long time and uses a lot (>16GB) of memory.

In app/controllers/puppetclasses_controller.rb:

  def index
    eager_load_tables = [:config_group_classes, :class_params, :environments,
    @puppetclasses = resource_base_search_and_page(eager_load_tables)
    @hostgroups_authorizer = Authorizer.new(User.current, :collection => HostgroupClass.where(:puppetclass_id => @puppetclasses.map(&:id)).uniq.pluck(:hostgroup_id))

Removing the eager loading solves all of our problems and makes the view work again (and really fast too).

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Revision 68f481c5
Added by Martin Schurz over 1 year ago

fixes #16996 - reduce eager_load of tables

Revision a6361cfe
Added by Martin Schurz over 1 year ago

fixes #16996 - reduce eager_load of tables

(cherry picked from commit 68f481c58496cae5229fc3f670840e152158b789)


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