Feature #21904

Add support for the katello-agent actions to use DNF and manage consumers without Pulp triggering actions

Added by Brian Bouterse over 1 year ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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Pulp may not convert the goferd consumer actions to support dnf commands. This means that in environments that don't have yum, goferd won't be able to trigger consumer actions. Perhaps that same code can be shipped with katello-agent and updated to also support dnf. It doesn't make sense for Pulp to add the dnf support. Pulp3 doesn't have any consumers, so adding new goferd dnf support only to drop it doesn't make sense (to me).

I'm proposing that issue be closed on the Pulp side as WONTFIX

Related issues

Related to Katello - Bug #21806: Create dnf versions of our yum pluginsRejected2017-11-29

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Revision 0b287ce7 (diff)
Added by Jeff Ortel about 1 year ago

Support DNF and pulp handler. closes #21904.

Revision 0b287ce7 (diff)
Added by Jeff Ortel about 1 year ago

Support DNF and pulp handler. closes #21904.


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Add which will provide the same API as rpmtools (renamed:

Since the katello-agent plugin disables progress reporting through goferd, the dnf support will not include
progress reporting. Further, the progress reporting will be stripped from the yum code.

  • Package
    • install
    • update (all, specific packages, advisories)
    • uninstall
  • PackageGroup
    • install
    • uninstall

Add conditional import in the handler to detect when DNF is available.

Open PR in that includes:

  • Refactor handler framework from pulp core to minimal.
  • RPM handler from the RPM plugin.
  • Port handler code to run on python 2.7+ and 3.

Hand off to katello team. This includes a developer deep dive.


  • It may be challenging to support python 2.4 (EL5) and python3 (EL8).
  • This will require that the pulp2 agent API conform to semantic versioning.

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