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Unable to parse /usr/lib/ruby/bin/ as an inventory

Added by Romans Krjukovs over 5 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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I'm trying to run Ansible role's playbooks from Foreman.
Got following in the output after pressing "Play Ansible" button:

[WARNING]: Unable to parse /usr/lib/ruby/bin/ as an inventory

In the DynFlow console i can see that inventory data with proper information
about host is passed:

Anyone know what i'm missing here?
How /usr/lib/ruby/bin/ is created ? (there is no such file and path on the host currently).
Should that file exists there and is it static or created dynamically by foreman ?
Or is it just a wrong setting somewhere and that's the reason why correct inventory data passed on input is not used ?

Thank You!



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Updated by Dirk Götz over 5 years ago

I also hit this bug on Debian with Foreman 1.16.0 and Ansible Plugin 1.4.6.

I found the inventory script located in /usr/bin/, so I created a symbolic link from /usr/lib/ruby/bin/ to it. Afterwards I got a Permission denied which was caused by .ansible directory not existing in ~foreman-proxy and the user being not allowed to create it. With the directory existing it failed because of strict host key checking and password authentication, which I solved by creating a ssh config disabling the host key checking.

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Updated by Daniel Lobato Garcia over 5 years ago

Romans, are you also finding this bug in Debian/Ubuntu?

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Updated by Joshua Doll over 4 years ago

Daniel Lobato Garcia wrote:

Romans, are you also finding this bug in Debian/Ubuntu?

I'm seeing this issue as well on Ubuntu 16.04. The script is installed to, /usr/bin instead of /usr/lib/ruby/bin/

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Updated by Ondřej Ezr over 2 years ago

Closing this, as it is too old and we failed to reproduce this.
Feel free to reopen this if you are still facing this issue.

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Updated by Ondřej Ezr over 2 years ago

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