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Intermediate provisioning step

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Since we are mostly working with headless systems, and thus cannot easily observe progress of provisioning., it would be nice to have step between "pending installation" and "finished".
I'm thinking about something like "busy" or similar. Also, not sure if we externally "fail" a system in provisioning?

This way we can tell if it at least went beyond PXE & the initial bootloader. A few use cases in which I really missed it:
  • Installing centOS over PXE, sometimes the server wasn't accessible, I've waited an hour only to eventually learn internet connectivity was broken => having an intermediate "busy" step could've informed me that the system is either installing or "fail" if the installation did not go through. If I don't have either of the two states withing a few minutes, it can be implied I have network issues
  • Installing windows was very similar, when using the wimaging scripts, I forgot to tell which image inside the WIM file it should use to install, this resulted in a failed build, again, I had to find this one out the hard way (since windows takes some time to install, there is no reason to be alarmed right away)

The caveat is that it should not be mandatory and that, probably, not all provisioning systems have the option to include this intermediate step as part of the templates

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Related to Foreman - Feature #21007: Templates API to mark a build as failedClosed


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  • Related to Feature #21007: Templates API to mark a build as failed added

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Could please check if #21007 is already covering your needs?

#4 Updated by Arend Lapere about 4 years ago

The issue mentioned definitely solves the bigger issues. The only addition my issue, at this point, has, is that I also would like to be able to try and detect network issues before the PXE installer kicks in, e.g.:
- DHCP issues
- TFTP (file not available etc.)
- No connection whatsoever

However, I'm pretty sure that 99% of the cases are already covered by the addition of a fail step so I'm going to go ahead and close this on for now.

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#6 Updated by Lukas Zapletal about 4 years ago

Feel free to use "failed" endpoint and use request body to set arbitrary error message like "network error" or whatever.

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