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06:34 PM Foreman Bug #27153 (New): [API] Create Dual-NIC Host without IPv6 address results in duplicate IPv6 address
When creating a host via de API, one can omit setting the IPv6 address if IEU-64 mode is enabled on the selected subn...


10:17 AM Foreman Bug #26285 (Closed): Subnet6 not displayed in Host's NICs tab
Currently only the subnet for IPv4 is being displayed.
To be conform, also the IPv6 subnet should be displayed


10:40 AM Foreman Bug #26041: Managed interface should not require a MAC address if no subnet selected
Hey Lukas! Thanks for your input, it has proven to be very helpful! (sorry for getting back so late on this subject)


03:30 PM Ansible Bug #26202: Bonding interface's slaves uses wrong MAC-address
Actually, seems that the perm_macaddress is only applicable for bonding slaves, so I see no harm in utilizing this (s...
12:58 PM Ansible Bug #26202 (Ready For Testing): Bonding interface's slaves uses wrong MAC-address
When creating a bonding interface, the mac-addresses of the slaves will be made to be the same.
However, during fact...


09:51 AM Foreman Bug #26044 (New): v4 API | Optimized for Desktop instead of Server
Currently, when creating a VM with the v4 API, a VM is instantiated as Desktop and not as server, this seems to use s...


03:33 PM Foreman Bug #26041 (Closed): Managed interface should not require a MAC address if no subnet selected
So, in our scenario, we set up a smart proxy, which sets up an OpenVPN connection towards our foreman server.
This f...


06:55 PM Ansible Feature #26006 (New): See how long a playbook took as well as the complete job
Would be nice to have an idea of the run time for a playbook as well as how long it took for all the hosts to finaliz...


10:36 AM Foreman Bug #25987 (Duplicate): APIv4 | Creating VM results in creation of stateless desktop
I've been grinding my teeth with this one. I've created a new oVirt Compute Resource and selected to use v4 API (expe...
08:39 AM Foreman Bug #25982 (Duplicate): Smart Proxy | Time column in logs view is empty
I'm testing on the 1.21 RC3 release of both Foreman and Smart-Proxy and I've noticed that the time column is empty.

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