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Katello installation with Remote databse

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We are installing Katello 3.7 with remote database following official documents. But getting below issues.

Issue 1: Installed centos-release-scl and rh-mongodb34-syspaths but /etc/mongod.conf does not exist. Then we install mongodb-org 4.0 and configure the mongodb to proceed further.

Issue 2: We created pulp user and database using below command given in your doc but unable to access pulp_database using pulp user from katello server. But pulp user was able to access admin database and by using this command its creating pulp user in admin database not in pulp_database. So we created pulp user under pulp_database then we able to authenticate pulp_database by pulp user from katello server.

mongo admin -u admin -p admin --eval "db.createUser({user:'pulp',pwd:'<PULP_PASSWORD>',roles:[{role:'dbOwner', db:'pulp_database'},{ role: 'readWrite', db: 'pulp_database'}]})"

Issue 3: On katello server we have installed the pacakeges followed your document and run the installer as below but it gives multiple errors as timed out. I have attached the installer logs file.

foreman-installer --scenario katello --foreman-db-host --foreman-db-password cadence --foreman-db-database foreman --foreman-db-manage false --katello-candlepin-db-host --katello-candlepin-db-name candlepin --katello-candlepin-db-password cadence --katello-candlepin-manage-db false --katello-pulp-db-username pulp --katello-pulp-db-password pulp123 --katello-pulp-db-seeds “” --katello-pulp-db-name pulp_database --katello-pulp-manage-db false

katello.log katello.log 2.15 MB Ketello Installation with remote database log file Krishna Verma, 10/05/2018 10:01 AM


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Please someone response

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It does look like our documentation may be incorrect. Instead of /etc/mongod.conf, you should look for and edit /etc/opt/rh/rh-mongodb34/mongod.conf instead. Can you try following the same directions for that file and try again?

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