Bug #25148

productDelete function not called on product delete

Added by Michael Johnson almost 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.


When deleting a product from within the product details page (use "Select Action" drop down and choose "Remove Product" after you have clicked into the product) the notification message informing you that the foreman task to delete the product has been started does not populate. In fact, the function isn't called at all and I know for a fact that the "event" variable is undefined before it hits the function.

Be aware that the function may need some changing to properly pass the link into the Notification.setSuccessMessage function call.

This bug was found while fixing this issue:

Bastion fix can be found here: - you'll need this to know what to pass into Notification.setSuccessMessage

Katello fix can be found here:

Associated revisions

Revision 81eae680 (diff)
Added by Andrew Kofink over 1 year ago

Fixes #25148: broadcast state changes btwn ctrlrs

- Broadcast state changes between product details and products
- Handle errors on product delete with a UI message
- Properly escape HTML in success message


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This is not a 3.9 regression. It also happens as far back as 3.4

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I don't see how this is a high priority issue, considering it's been broken for so long. If others disagree, feel free to change it back with some justification.

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  • Found in Releases Katello 3.4.0, Katello 3.4.1, Katello 3.4.2, Katello 3.4.3, Katello 3.4.4, Katello 3.4.5, Katello 3.4.6, Katello 3.5.0, Katello 3.5.1, Katello 3.5.2, Katello 3.5.3, Katello 3.6.0, Katello 3.6.1, Katello 3.7.0, Katello 3.7.1, Katello 3.8.1, Katello 3.8.2, Katello 3.9.0, Katello 3.9.1 added

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