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More comfortable package update/removal of multiple content hosts

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Some more information is here and here

Currently, for package action of content hosts you have to enter the package name for install, update or removal actions. You can also remove installed packages from the list of installed packages and update packages from the list of applicable packages. However, that only works in a single content hosts.

It would be nice if there was something similar to what is possible in spacewalk with the System Set Manager. There you can select multiple hosts for further package action.

Step 1. You select the hosts and manage them from SSM.

Step 2a. For remove, you get a list of all packages installed on at least on of the hosts including a host count. You select the packages you want to remove from the hosts where installed.

Step 2b. For update, you get a list of all pending package updates on at least on of the hosts including a host count. Again you select the packages you want to update on those hosts where installed.

Step 2c. For install, you first select a repository and then select the packages available for installation.

Step 3. Once you confirm the selection you'll get a confirmation page which shows what will be done, listed by host:

Step 3a. List of hosts and packages to be removed from that host.
Step 3b. List of hosts and packages to be updated from that host.
Step 3c. List of hosts and packages to be installed on that host.

Step 4. You confirm and that will schedule that task.

In particular for updating I find it very useful to see the list of updates available on those particular hosts or host collection or similar. I can easily postpone an update. I also easily see what hosts will get that update.

I know some of that information is available in one way or another but it's extremely useful if you have that shown during the process of updating.

And if possible it would also be good if it showed what happens due to dependencies, i.e. if I install/remove/update a particular package I shows what dependencies will also be installed/removed/updated.


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