Bug #31001

Pulp3 can't sync from password protected repos

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I use a repo which requires authentication. All the files are public except "somehash-updateinfo.xml.gz" which is hidden and password protected. Since upgrade to Foreman 2.1 this has stopped working. Error is "file not found", however, file is there as I see it from my browser when I authenticate and can download it with wget when passing credentials in request.

From tests I've done this is my conclusion:

When repo contains a hidden password protected file, while syncing, pulp3 gets info that this file exists from repomd.xml list, it seem it will try to download it without passing credentials, which will end in "404 Not found".

On pulp2 on the other hand, this will work without issues. As it tries to download files, for each file mentioned in repomd.xml, while downloading it will pass credentials and thus hidden password protected files will be downloaded successfully.

Workaround until this is fixed is: Clone that public repo locally somewhere in your private network and remove hide/password protection from files. And point Foreman to sync from there.

More details on this in this thread:


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