Feature #3744

when viewing collections, have the ability to show more

Added by Ohad Levy over 9 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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it would be nice to let the user know that he is watching only a subset of entries when watching a collection.

a few ideas:

 displaying only the first <XX> records

and when the api would support it

 displaying <XX> out of <YY> records

in shell mode

 More records<y|n>

and potentially in the normal listing, auto create the same command with the next page.


 to see more records type: $0 -per_page #{page +1}

Associated revisions

Revision 4554eaa7 (diff)
Added by Tomas Strachota over 9 years ago

fixes #3743, #3744 - see more when listing collections and per_page settings

offer next pages on listing

Revision 507183ab
Added by mbacovsky over 9 years ago

Merge pull request #55 from tstrachota/shell

Fixes #3741, #3744, #3743 - hammer usability improvements


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