Bug #4263

Katello CLI subcommands are inconsistent with Foreman subcommands

Added by Og Maciel about 9 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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For some generic actions in Foreman's CLI, no arguments are required to get a list of records or get information about a given object. Katello now adds the requirement for an organization id in order to get the same type of results, which leads to inconsistency across the CLI:

[root@qetello03 katello-deploy]# hammer organization list
ID | NAME             | LABEL            | DESCRIPTION
1  | ACME_Corporation | ACME_Corporation | ACME_Corporation Organization
[root@qetello03 katello-deploy]# hammer user list
ID | LOGIN         | NAME       | EMAIL
1  | admin         | Admin User |
2  | hidden-jwwiEr |            | qVadfhEBUb@localhost
[root@qetello03 katello-deploy]# hammer gpg list
Error: option '--organization-id' is required

See: 'hammer gpg list --help'

As you can see, the gpg subcommand requires a organization-id argument. I find this to be inconsistent with the rest of the CLI subcommands, not to mention that it doesn't really buys us anything in terms of usability. I would like to propose we remove this requirement so that one can get a list of all gpg keys as well as obtain the information for a gpg key by using its name/id and not require the organization-id.


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I'm afraid we can't do anything with it on the cli level. Katello is designed to scope all resources under organizations while Foreman uses all-global approach. I don't see this as an inconsistency. Different resources have different requirements.

Please start a discussion on a mailing list if you feel the concepts should be changed. It would require larger model changes.

#2 Updated by Og Maciel about 9 years ago

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I disagree with your logic :) As the end user, if I can get a list of <resource> for the entire system, why then add limits to the same subcommand for specific resources? What exactly is gained from not keeping it consistent?

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