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Foreman-proxy fails silently when medium_id is not supplied

Added by Stefan c over 10 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Description of issue:
When using the foreman api v1 to create a host, and ommiting the medium_id, theforeman proxy fails immediatly and silenty without logging in proxy.log that I haven't told it about a medium_id.

Foreman 1.4.2 installed via foreman puppet modules
centos 6.4 x64
Foreman-proxy: DHCP and TFTP enabled, everything else disabled ( proxy installed via puppet modules )

How to reproduce:
- install foreman 1.4.2
- install foreman-proxy and enable just DHCP and TFTP
- create a new host via the API and don't supply the medium_id, supply just these parameters(adjusting the values for your setup):

architecture_id: 1, operatingsystem_id: '1', enabled: true, build: true, domain_id: 1, environment_id: '1', ptable_id: 6, subnet_id: 1

Output of logs:
- from foreman
- from foreman-proxy
- output via HTTP body from the API
you'll find all 3 in this gist

After ohadlevy advised over irc to add medium_id the TFTP build process started and completed successfuly.

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Is duplicate of Foreman - Bug #6229: validate installation media exists for new host if pxe_buildClosedJoseph Magen06/16/2014Actions
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Thanks for reporting this.

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This looks like an issue in Foreman either api parameter validation, or orchestration (

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  • Is duplicate of Bug #6229: validate installation media exists for new host if pxe_build added
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This should have been fixed in Foreman 1.6 or higher via #6229. If not, please re-open. Thanks for the report.


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