Bug #6700

Proxy::Puppet::Runner incorrectly checked $? for success

Added by Dominic Cleal almost 4 years ago. Updated 6 days ago.

Assignee:Aaron Stone
Target version:1.6.0
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Pull request:https://github.com/theforeman/smart-proxy/pull/187


"The popen test was looking at $?, but it wasn't set by the method under test. Testing Ruby's popen method isn't terribly helpful, it's a built-in.

This replaces the popen test with a test for the shell_command wrapper and adds tests for the other methods in Proxy::Puppet::Runner."

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Revision 2cba6063
Added by Aaron Stone almost 4 years ago

fixes #6700 - tests for Proxy::Puppet::Runner shell methods


#1 Updated by Aaron Stone almost 4 years ago

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