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Exposed ports support

Added by Daniel Lobato Garcia about 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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The configuration or environment part of the wizard should show a way of adding exposed ports. The Docker Remote API supports it but Fog doesn't yet. Assume Fog does support it as I have a patch pending review.
The format for exposed ports goes like

 { "ExposedPorts" : [ "22/tcp": {}, "80/tcp": {}] } 

Yes, key is the port/protocol, value is.. nothing?

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Updated by Vanya Jauhal almost 9 years ago

I guess we will have to let the user configure a list of exposed ports in the wizard, and apart from that we will also have to ask the users to map the ports every time they start a container ?
Because, as is apparent in the docker api documentation here( , we will have to submit a port-binding every time we start a container ?

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Updated by Daniel Lobato Garcia almost 9 years ago

Right, probably the wizard can show this in the 'environment' step. We save that information in the db, so every time you start the container you can reutilize the ports information without prompting the user.

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Updated by Vanya Jauhal almost 9 years ago

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Updated by David Davis almost 9 years ago

Wouldn't support for PortBindings be much more useful? Unless I am understanding it incorrectly, it seems like you can do the same thing with PortBindings that you can do with ExposedPorts.

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Updated by Vanya Jauhal over 8 years ago

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