Bug #867

updating a host to belong to a null hostgroup doesn't work

Added by Corey Osman over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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when I call http://foreman/hosts/update_multiple_hostgroup with some json code where the hostgroup_id is set to "". The api call completes but it doesn't seem to update the host.
If I were to update the host through http://foreman/hosts/FQDN and pass in hostgroup_id="" the command would complete successfully and set the hostgroup to "blank" hostgroup. I also don't see a method to select a "blank" hostgroup when using the webui multiedit function either. I'll need this feature in order to unset a host from a hostgroup from my mobile app

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Revision bf228dd6 (diff)
Added by Paul Kelly over 9 years ago

Fixes 867 - Allow update_multiple to clear hostgroup

Also added the facility for clearing the environment to update_multiple_environments

Signed-off-by: Paul Kelly <>


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A hostgroup id of "clear", rather than the numeric value of a hostgroup_id, is now interpreted as a request to replace the current hostgroup_id for all multiple hosts with a nil.
I have not explicitly tested the API with a json call as I am not clear as to how this differs from the web interface interaction. Are there tools to help with the testing of this?

#4 Updated by Corey Osman over 9 years ago

I'll take a look at it and test it out.

#5 Updated by Corey Osman over 9 years ago

Just tested and it works very well. I wasn't able to test the environment portion but I am now able to set the hostgroup to "".

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