From 11/16/2014 to 12/15/2014


04:50 PM Bug #8719 (Ready For Testing): N+1 queries on container index page
The Foreman Bot
04:45 PM Bug #8719 (Closed): N+1 queries on container index page
... Ohad Levy
04:49 PM Refactor #8718 (Ready For Testing): containers index page uses both traditional table and inline table js
The Foreman Bot
04:39 PM Refactor #8718 (Closed): containers index page uses both traditional table and inline table js
this was not visible due to a missing thead and a closing div on the index page. Ohad Levy
04:21 PM Bug #8717 (Ready For Testing): auto complete does not work for registries
The Foreman Bot
04:20 PM Bug #8717 (Closed): auto complete does not work for registries
Ohad Levy
04:17 PM Bug #8716 (Closed): Docker Search disable all search fields in foreman
when the docker plugin is running, all auto_complete_search does not work. Ohad Levy


07:22 PM Feature #8674 (New): Import containers to manage
The Docker compute resource should deface the name associate VMs and have something to import containers into Foreman... Daniel Lobato Garcia


07:28 PM Bug #8637 (Closed): cannot pull/create containers from local registry (multi registry not working)
1) Install a local registry (I yum docker-registry, make sure you enable search and run it on 5050 for this example)
Partha Aji
07:08 PM Bug #8409: Failure when creating a container with an image not in the host

Basically foreman-docker does not do a docker pull before trying to create a container with the pulled image. We ne...
Partha Aji
02:00 PM Bug #8632 (Ready For Testing): Docker repo names are being stored in the images table.
The Foreman Bot
01:59 PM Bug #8632 (Closed): Docker repo names are being stored in the images table.
David Davis
06:58 AM Feature #8485: Taxable containers
Steps to consider this done:
- adding an extra step for the wizard when taxonomies are enabled
- deface tax...
Daniel Lobato Garcia


11:01 AM Feature #8226 (Closed): Environment variables should be added at creation/runtime
Applied in changeset commit:foreman-docker|5dc4f6d65c2d026c89aef1c2de359aee9a2cf30f. Daniel Lobato Garcia


02:02 PM Feature #7647 (Closed): Docker registry view access
Applied in changeset commit:foreman-docker|ada932ab16e27f89bb3f4f24864cb170f54d2504. Anonymous


10:07 AM Feature #8561 (Closed): Add docker tag/image API and hammer commands
David Davis


02:39 AM Bug #8487 (Need more information): Display managed containers log without connection
At the moment Containers/index requires a working connection to the hub, as fog uses that to authenticate. It'd be go... Daniel Lobato Garcia
02:14 AM Feature #8486 (New): Make Katello synced repositories available on container creation
During the Image step, it would be good to offer a different tab or something like that where one could pick repos sy... Daniel Lobato Garcia
02:08 AM Feature #8485 (Closed): Taxable containers
Containers should belong in a organization/location. This could be set at the end of the wizard if taxonomies are ena... Daniel Lobato Garcia


09:01 AM Bug #8375 (Closed): When I upload the same image to two repositories, I get a validation failure that the tag is not unique per image
Applied in changeset commit:foreman-docker|0c89427cd4fba02e468c370a90eaad96bfa6ea4d. David Davis


10:25 AM Bug #8393: Added registries should have independent username/pass
We should support two authentication modes: 1) Standalone registries: basic auth (can be anything really, as it is in... Anonymous

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