ERF12-0635 - Unable to delete DHCP entry

Generic or SSL connection errors

Please see Proxy_communication_errors first for SSL or communication errors, which aren't specific to this particular proxy action.

... is static - unable to delete

The proxy uses OMAPI to manage DHCP reservations, but will only manage those entries created via the same interface/API. Entries from dhcpd.conf or similar won't be deleted.

E, [2014-06-13T11:45:31.118107 #32228] ERROR -- : / 00:50:56:00:00:00 is static - unable to delete
D, [2014-06-13T11:45:31.118198 #32228] DEBUG -- : /usr/share/foreman-proxy/bin/../lib/proxy/dhcp/server/isc.rb:15:in `delRecord'
/usr/share/foreman-proxy/bin/../lib/dhcp_api.rb:109:in `DELETE /dhcp/:network/:record'

Deletion of already deleted reservation fails

Bug #6396 tracks an issue where the proxy fails to delete an already-deleted record.