Foreman error codes

Most error messages in Foreman include error code. Find additional information by clicking on individual codes on this page.

If you have an ERF12-* error, do check Proxy_communication_errors first for SSL or communication errors, which aren't specific to particular proxy actions.

  • ERF12-0104 - Unable to set PuppetCA autosign for %s
  • ERF12-0635 - Unable to delete DHCP entry for %s
  • ERF12-1261 - Unable to delete DNS entry
  • ERF12-1764 - Unable to detect version
  • ERF12-1772 - Unable to perform power BMC operation
  • ERF12-2269 - Unable to perform lan BMC operation
  • ERF12-2357 - Unable to set DNS entry
  • ERF12-2530 - Unable to detect features
  • ERF12-2573 - Unable to fetch TFTP boot file
  • ERF12-2600 - Unable to retrieve DHCP subnets
  • ERF12-2749 - Unable to get environments from Puppet
  • ERF12-3113 - Unable to detect puppet path for %s
  • ERF12-3517 - Unable to get PuppetCA autosign
  • ERF12-3828 - Unable to get environment from Puppet
  • ERF12-4115 - Unable to get classes from Puppet for %s
  • ERF12-4252 - Unable to execute Puppet run
  • ERF12-4395 - Unable to retrieve DHCP entry for %s
  • ERF12-4681 - Unable to delete PuppetCA autosign for %s
  • ERF12-5139 - Unable to detect TFTP boot server
  • ERF12-5287 - Unable to create realm entry
  • ERF12-5356 - Unable to get PuppetCA certificates
  • ERF12-5472 - Unable to set TFTP boot entry for %s
  • ERF12-5866 - Unable to perform identify BMC operation
  • ERF12-6899 - Unable to set DHCP entry
  • ERF12-7299 - Unable to delete TFTP boot entry for %s
  • ERF12-7740 - Unable to delete PuppetCA certificate for %s
  • ERF12-7885 - Unable to fetch logs
  • ERF12-7947 - Unable to retrieve DHCP subnet
  • ERF12-8202 - Unable to retrieve unused IP
  • ERF12-8670 - Unable to perform boot BMC operation
  • ERF12-8801 - Unable to get installed BMC providers
  • ERF12-9243 - Unable to create default TFTP boot menu
  • ERF12-9483 - Unable to get BMC providers
  • ERF12-9815 - Unable to sign PuppetCA certificate for %s
  • ERF42-0154 - Attempting to construct an operating system image filename but %s cannot be built from an image
  • ERF42-0410 - unknown provider
  • ERF42-0453 - Provision script had a non zero exit
  • ERF42-0624 - unknown network_type
  • ERF42-0955 - parsing settings type '%s' from string is not defined
  • ERF42-1026 - Invalid type for host creation via facts: %s
  • ERF42-1231 - invalid host list
  • ERF42-1251 - Error has occurred while communicating with %{cr}: %{e}
  • ERF42-1330 - must provide a provider
  • ERF42-1419 - Unknown IPAM type - can't continue
  • ERF42-1518 - Unable to find a proxy with BMC feature
  • ERF42-1522 - Not implemented
  • ERF42-1817 - invalid type %s
  • ERF42-1994 - Unable to find proper authentication method
  • ERF42-2263 - Unsupported IPAM mode for %s
  • ERF42-2343 - Unallowed template for dashboard widget: %s
  • ERF42-2450 - Unsupported report status format
  • ERF42-2472 - Unable to create the default role.
  • ERF42-2586 - Invalid medium '%{medium}' for '%{os}'
  • ERF42-2587 - Must provide an operating system
  • ERF42-2979 - Template '%s' is either missing or has an invalid organization or location
  • ERF42-3078 - medium was not set for host '{host}'
  • ERF42-3305 - Unable to find template %s
  • ERF42-3348 - Cannot add pagelet with key %s and without partial
  • ERF42-3367 - Must specify a user with email enabled
  • ERF42-3624 - A problem occurred when detecting host type: %s
  • ERF42-3629 - Can't find a valid Foreman Proxy with a Puppet feature
  • ERF42-3779 - Invalid architecture '%{arch}' for '%{os}'
  • ERF42-4505 - invalid path
  • ERF42-4516 - Unknown action name for success message: %s
  • ERF42-4598 - Hint data is missing
  • ERF42-4689 - Template '%s' was not found
  • ERF42-4738 - %s is an unknown attribute
  • ERF42-4995 - Invalid authenticity token
  • ERF42-5146 - %s console is not supported at this time
  • ERF42-5227 - unknown parent permission for %s
  • ERF42-5349 - Realm proxy did not return a one-time password
  • ERF42-5351 - invalid architecture for %s
  • ERF42-5434 - unknown permission %s
  • ERF42-5531 - unknown permission for %s
  • ERF42-5628 - Unsupported password hash function '%s'
  • ERF42-5644 - Function not available for %s
  • ERF42-5949 - At least one volume must be specified for image-based provisioning.
  • ERF42-6051 - invalid medium for %s
  • ERF42-6086 - Cluster ID is required to list available networks
  • ERF42-6165 - :foreman_url is not set, please configure in the Foreman Web UI (Administer -> Settings -> General)
  • ERF42-6282 - Invalid log level: %s
  • ERF42-6302 - No free ports available for websockify, try again later
  • ERF42-6324 - Could not find network %s on VMWare compute resource
  • ERF42-6332 - Cannot add pagelet with key %s and without mountpoint
  • ERF42-6784 - There are orchestration modules with methods for configuration rebuild that have identical name: '%s'
  • ERF42-6794 - Anonymous admin user %s is missing, run foreman-rake db:seed
  • ERF42-6801 - Must provide template kind
  • ERF42-7277 - Invalid architecture for %s
  • ERF42-7329 - Not implemented for %s
  • ERF42-7495 - Cannot find user %s when switching context
  • ERF42-7633 - No templates found
  • ERF42-7634 - Timeout has occurred while communicating with %s
  • ERF42-7938 - Please specify volume size. You may optionally use suffix 'G' to specify volume size in gigabytes.
  • ERF42-7951 - Must specify a valid user with email enabled
  • ERF42-8079 - VM is not running!
  • ERF42-8125 - Invalid Host
  • ERF42-8175 - invalid method %s
  • ERF42-8219 - Invalid medium for %s
  • ERF42-8459 - Invalid power state request: %{action}, supported actions are %{supported}
  • ERF42-8477 - %s is not a valid DNS record type
  • ERF42-8590 - unable to sign a non pending certificate
  • ERF42-8800 - Cannot register compute resource, wrong type supplied
  • ERF42-9767 - Invalid version format, please enter in x.y (only major version).
  • ERF42-9902 - DHCP not supported for this NIC
  • ERF42-9958 - Unknown power management support - can't continue
  • ERF42-9972 - Cannot create LDAP configuration for %s without dedicated service account
  • ERF50-1006 - Unable to connect to LDAP server
  • ERF50-2486 - Import of facts failed for host %s
  • ERF50-2487 - Unable to initialize ProxyAPI class %s
  • ERF50-5345 - Unable to connect
  • ERF50-9294 - Unable to find IP address for '%s'
  • ERF56-1309 - [Foreman::FingerprintException]: The remote system presented a public key signed by an unidentified certificate authority. If you are sure the remote system is authentic, go to the compute resource edit page, press the 'Test Connection' or 'Load Datacenters' button and submit.
  • ERF42-9666 - HTTP boot requires proxy with httpboot feature and http_port exposed setting
  • ERF88-9474 - There is no proxy with BMC feature set up. Associate a BMC feature with a subnet.

Please do not edit this page directly, to generate items install all plugins:

yum -y install tfm-rubygem-foreman\* ftm-rubygem-katello\*

Generate the list:

foreman-rake exception:codes

And merge it with the list above:

sort -u

Copy and paste the current list, then the new list and hit Ctrl+D to generate the result.

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