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04:17 PM Foreman Feature #93: Display host group in listing when unattended is disabled
Patch on the way, I'm just trying to get aligned with your code. Which branch should I aim for? master or next? Martin Englund


10:42 AM Foreman Feature #93: Display host group in listing when unattended is disabled
So with unattended support it would be:
Name, Operating System, Hostgroup, Environment & Last report
while with unatt...
Martin Englund
10:40 AM Foreman Feature #87: Filtering on fact name
I've created the view /hosts/:id/facts but that only covers facts for that specific host.
I am planning to create a ...
Martin Englund
10:32 AM Foreman Feature #97: Need view for unconfigured hosts
Ohad Levy wrote:
> try:
> :constraints => { :host => { :puppetclasses => nil} }
That generates a SQL query with a ...
Martin Englund
06:17 AM Foreman Revision b8d4a4b0 (foreman): bug #99
Martin Englund
06:09 AM Foreman Revision 456d537a (foreman): First stab at fixing feature #87
Martin Englund
04:58 AM Foreman Revision 9a071e37 (foreman): Feature #95
Martin Englund


10:49 PM Foreman Feature #103 (Closed): Deleting a host should clean up the certificate too
When you delete a host you should get the option to delete the certificate too so you don't have to run... Martin Englund
08:10 PM Foreman Bug #102 (Closed): Fact sorting doesn't work
This is because it sorts on, but it is fixed by bug #99 Martin Englund
10:25 AM Foreman Refactor #100 (Closed): Store Foreman Settings in the database and allow configure it using the WebUI/API
Provide a mechanism to allow a user to have specific settings associated with them. This will supersede the current S... Martin Englund

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