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05:48 PM Katello Feature #4110 (Rejected): expose candlepin option to ignore signature checking on manifest, to enable quick automated tests with tiny content
can turn on this option by adding `?force=SIGNATURE_CONFLICT` to the candlepin import URL - allow bypassing of signat...
05:48 PM Katello Feature #4109 (Resolved): Force user to select a unique label when creating/editing products
The standard behavior for handling the case when a user attempts to use a Label value that has already been used in t...
05:48 PM Katello Feature #4108 (Resolved): Need to provide better notification when adding repositories to a product
Using auto-discovery, if you attempt to add multiple repositories to an existing product where some of these reposito...
05:48 PM Katello Feature #4107 (Rejected): Repo auto-discovery from CLI needs to provide non-interactive interface
Using the CLI to auto-discover repositories require manual intervention when adding URLS to a product. For automation...
05:48 PM Katello Bug #4106 (Rejected): translation missing: pt_BR.time.formats.default (I18n::MissingTranslationData)
Using the web UI in Brazilian Portuguese language displays the following message in the Dashboard:
05:48 PM Katello Bug #4105 (Resolved): content search - back button behavior has issues in Firefox
Observed an interesting behavior with Content Search in Firefox (19.0.2), which was not observed with Chrome.
05:48 PM Katello Bug #4104 (Closed): Organisation : some scenarios give ambigous results
here I tried thi...
05:48 PM Katello Bug #4103 (Closed): Release System - System Release scenario fails
headpin --username "admin" --password "admin" system releases --org ACME_Corporation --name l...
05:48 PM Katello Bug #4102 (Rejected): katello-configure overwrites configuration values from original installation
Steps to reproduce:
1. Spin up a new VM and installed nightly on it
2. Run katello-configure
3. Change some values...
05:48 PM Katello Bug #4101 (Closed): Label textfield can't be selected without selecting description first
Katello Version: 1.4.1-1.git.203.1c22762.el6_4
* Create an org
* fill in name
* select label textfield
it can...

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