Jan van Lith




08:49 AM Foreman Bug #9793 (Closed): querying /api/v2/fact_values with a user with view rights doesn't work
When having a user with view_facts filter applied it doesn't get any result when querying the api v2.
Querying th...


12:04 PM Foreman Bug #6210 (Duplicate): the config groups page + puppet environments page not displaying correct numbers of hosts and host groups
The numbers of hosts or host groups aren't correct on the config group page and puppet environments page. I have valu...
11:56 AM Foreman Bug #6209 (Duplicate): search for puppet class has no result when in config group
If you search for puppet classes in the host page no result will be given if a puppet class is part of a config group...


09:03 AM Foreman Bug #6087 (Duplicate): input into audit goes wrong
When adding a value lager than 255 chars in a puppet class. The saving of the audit log in the database goes wrong. T...

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