Moti Asayag




03:15 PM Katello Bug #25897 (New): Using search query for listing content hosts produces unexpected output
While trying to use the search query with 'or' option to list two content hosts with FQDN, the result is long duplica...
01:43 PM Packaging Revision 23d94ded (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-ovirt_provision_plugin to 2.0.3 (#3382)
11:02 AM Foreman Bug #25893 (Closed): Change 'User data' to 'User Data'
Applied in changeset commit:d06117b0c9c4db35a3c840187c0471f0a5192d1a.
10:51 AM Foreman Revision d06117b0: Fixes #25893 - Capitalized User Data column
09:00 AM Foreman Bug #25893 (Closed): Change 'User data' to 'User Data'
The 'User data' column under the Compute Resource --> Images should be capitalized:


03:51 PM Packaging Revision df75c385 (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-ovirt_provision_plugin to 2.0.2


03:19 AM Katello Bug #8920 (Closed): Typo in validator description
lib/katello/apipie/validators.rb has:
"validator": "string from 2 to 128 characters containting only alphanumeric ...


07:03 AM Katello Bug #8904 (Closed): Error when selecting repositories of a specific content view
When a specific content view is selected and clicked for "Yum Content" --> "Repositories", no value is returned and a...


03:07 AM Foreman Bug #7244: DHCP priority messup with Ovirt Second Nic through Foreman
Yama Kasi wrote:
> Hi,
> What we have found out is the following:
> Foreman adds a VM and after it it adds...

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