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08:54 PM Katello Bug #22953 (New): Allow a user to filter Suse package versions without having to include +git versions
Certain packages in Suse repos have different version numbers than we expect. To be able to filter by these versions ... Jake Callahan
08:09 PM Katello Bug #22952 (Closed): Account for different datetime format in Suse errata
Suse uses a different datetime format than what Katello currently expects. Instead of a formatted data and time, they... Jake Callahan


04:08 PM Katello Bug #15775 (Closed): katello-certs-check should print absolute paths to certificates
Description of problem:
The script currently outputs installer suggestions. However, it will use whatever relative p...
Jake Callahan


04:59 PM Website Bug #11077 (Duplicate): latest news section creeps up the page, when navigating
When navigation around the documentation page, the latest news section will continue to move up the page until it rea... Jake Callahan


10:37 AM Katello Bug #7901 (Duplicate): Pages fail to load correctly
When navigating to any of the pages below, the user is presented with a blank screen. Opening the browser console out... Jake Callahan


02:03 PM Katello Feature #7843 (Rejected): Return UUID for created Activation Key
In relation to BZ 1127335, QE requests that a UUID is returned on the creation of an activation key. This will allow ... Jake Callahan

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