James Shewey




04:01 PM Smart Proxy Bug #34675 (New): Allow suppression of record_conflicts
When provisioning a new host, a DNS record is created if a DNS smart proxy is created. During this process, the smart...


06:39 PM Katello Bug #31613 (Duplicate): Sync status page cannot be displayed
On a brand new install, when I attempt to view sync status at, I...


08:32 PM Packaging Bug #30757 (Closed): Trouble with candlepin packages
When attempting to install candlepin and candlepin-selinux from
08:23 PM Installer Bug #30756 (Closed): Pulp 2 support on EL8
When attempting a Katello 3.16/Foreman 2.1.2 install on a EL8 host, it is reported that:
ERROR 2020-09-01T20:04:23...


06:14 PM Installer Bug #27637: qpidd fails to start with ncat > 6.40
Looking at CentOS 8 with version 7.70 of ncat, the -z switch is available as "Zero-I/O mode, report connection status...


04:19 AM Foreman Bug #27949: EL8 fails to boot

Ah, OK. I am on Foreman 1.22


11:47 PM Katello Bug #27948: CentOS 8 install fails missing "../../../AppStream" repo when Installation Media is foreman repo.
It's a really ugly hack, but you can use an Apache rewrite to work around this. I was able to add a rewrite rule to /...
05:41 PM Foreman Bug #27949 (Duplicate): EL8 fails to boot
EL8 fails to boot with the default iPXE template due to the ip= parameter. This is not properly formatted. Per the do...


05:22 PM Installer Bug #27637 (Resolved): qpidd fails to start with ncat > 6.40
During installation/upgrade of foreman/katello, the file:


07:34 PM Katello Bug #25411: Unable to update download type for repo
This also occurs when trying to update the upstream URL.

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