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05:16 AM Foreman Bug #5883: Host: provide user indication that the build token has expired
Some more notes from IRC after I hit this problem again.
* When the token is not valid anymore, the host is not in...
David Schmitt


04:03 AM Packaging Bug #7582 (Resolved): Weirdness when upgrading foreman-proxy: 1.5.2-1 -> 1.6.0-1
When upgrading foreman-proxy from 1.5.2-1 to 1.6.0-1 on Debian wheezy, the following message is displayed:... David Schmitt


06:37 PM Foreman Feature #5608: Existing DHCP lease cannot be overwritten
I've just hit that today with 1.4.3: I was deleting VMs and re-configuring them for a demo, and somehow the original ... David Schmitt


04:07 PM Installer Revision ca93dfd3 (puppet-foreman_proxy): Use ensure_packages for non-core wget package
This enables users of this class to avoid resource conflicts. David Schmitt
04:03 PM Installer Revision 1e469640 (puppet-foreman_proxy): Depend on foreman module
As this module uses the foreman_smartproxy type, it should depend on the foreman module. David Schmitt


02:13 PM Foreman Feature #3571 (Closed): add possibility to ignore/hide :debug and :info logs
please apply the following patch to fix a minor glitch when running puppet agent --verbose:... David Schmitt


09:47 AM Foreman Bug #2683: nightly build is missing jquery.ui.autocomplete
Thanks for that testing!
I've now restarted the apache/passenger hosting the foreman, and voila! it works again. T...
David Schmitt
09:18 AM Foreman Bug #2683 (Assigned): nightly build is missing jquery.ui.autocomplete
Sadly, I hit the same error on upgrade from 1.2.0+debian2 to 1.2.1+debian1.
I've uploaded the debs and /usr/share/...
David Schmitt


07:45 AM Foreman Bug #2683: nightly build is missing jquery.ui.autocomplete
I had a working foreman with an older nightly build (approx 1-2 weeks old) and upgraded to the current nightly using ... David Schmitt


04:58 PM Foreman Bug #2683: nightly build is missing jquery.ui.autocomplete
Ah, thanks for the explanation. I've now checked in the foreman log too, but that has only more of the same:... David Schmitt

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