Bug #25232

CV History: Incorrect API call due to parsing error (page=NaN)

Added by Mirosław Zalewski 8 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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Content view History tab sends following API request:

This is currently shadowed by issue #25231, but once it is fixed, we will see UI complaining about invalid value for Integer(): "NaN".

Katello git commit id: 77a4d76db2d1524f152281a78ef8d17f4fdfa646
Foreman git commit id: 9ccfbde5c417ed466b21c997d01d4608cc4e8c57

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create new content view
2. Open this content view and navigate to History tab

Expected results:
There is no error notification; history data is displayed in table (if there is any history to display).

Related issues

Related to Katello - Bug #25231: "the field 'created_at' in the order statement is not valid field for search" on content view history tabClosed


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  • Related to Bug #25231: "the field 'created_at' in the order statement is not valid field for search" on content view history tab added

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#5 Updated by Jonathon Turel 5 months ago

Hey Mirek, I think there was a corresponding Foreman bug which has been addressed and fixed this issue. Take another look and we can close this one if it's taken care of.

#6 Updated by Mirosław Zalewski 5 months ago

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I can no longer reproduce it as of:
Foreman git id 15ac394288f0719f4d738301370836ed0a7007f5
Katello git id 6dd89e862945a20e56d972a4b030868ac744b66b

You are right, this must have been addressed by another commit already.

Downstream Satellite is not affected either.

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