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Configure default repository set for subscriptions

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I opened issue #30956 but unfortunately someone marked that as duplicate of #24166 even though it's not. I can't reopen an issue, thus I open a new one now...

For all custom products/subscriptions all repositories included are always enabled by default, i.e. if you add a product to a host it immediately enables all repositories for the product.

However, to reduce the number of products (which we don't use so often) we set up some "all-version" products, e.g. we have a PostgreSQL product which contains repositories for all current PostgreSQL versions from 9.4 to 13 as well as repositories for EL7 and EL8.

If I add postgresql to any host the host has all those repositories enabled.

It would be good, if it was possible to set this up in the subscription (similar to the way it gets this information from the manifest for RedHat subscriptions). I would set my postgresql product to have all repositories disabled by default and the user then needs to pick the version he needs.

RedHat subscriptions support this: my redhat subscriptions have the standard repository enabled by default and the optional repository is disabled. If you need the optional you have to enable it.

The alternative at the moment seems to be to define a new product for each postgresql version and each os version and only define the necessary repositories for each product version, including the postgresql-common repository in each product...

Again: #24166 is only in regard to the base os version which is also helpful but something else. It still doesn't allow me to specify which repositories in a product subscription are enabled or disabled by default. It only ignores the repositories which are not matching the base os version.


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